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The case study below shows 12 Cases booked from 23 leads, with one of our Personal injury partners in just 3 weeks!

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Our proven strategies can not be replicated by other marketers, because it takes a lot of time to put this machine together….and…we know most marketers are lazy.

After $20k invested in the creation of such a machine; We use our own software to help our team build 500-1,000 ads per client.YES, All that just to make sure we dominate your competition with our strategies.

We do not work with everyone! 

A major role in our success is that we remainexclusive to our partners in their respective territories. 

We are a boutique agency who pride ourselves in having a small team and a small number of clients. We know it sounds crazy but this is the best way to get and guarantee the absolute best results for our partners; and it works EVERY TIME

If you want to see if we have space to take your firm to the next levelschedule a discovery call below so We can learn more about your firm and how we can help!